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WODbody Sports Massage, LLC is the Triangle’s go to source for sports massage therapy. WODbody was born out of a need in the CrossFit community, but we specialize in correcting functional movement patterns in ALL athletes. We will assess each athlete’s mobility, range of motion, and tissue condition to tailor sessions specifically to their needs.


Vincent Bounds || LMBT, FMT I & II
Stacey Meek || LMBT, CKTP
Rob Hicks  || LMBT, FMT I
Grey Evans  || LMBT
Allison Everrett || LMBT
LB Wilkinson || LMBT
Austin Tepsic || LMBT


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Vincent Bounds

Vincent also came to massage therapy as a second career. While working for Sprint in 2007, he enrolled in the American and European Massage Clinic in Raleigh, North Carolina and began practicing massage therapy part­time in March 2008 in Creedmoor. After a few competitions and realizing the demand for sports massage for CrossFit athletes, he left his life in the technology world to focus all his efforts on sports massage and developing a successful business with Stacey Meek.


StacEy Meek

Stacey came to massage therapy as a second career after spending 17 years as a registered veterinary technician, during which she worked in private practice, laboratories, and top­ranked teaching institutions. In an effort to regain control of her schedule and spend more time with her 2 children, she switched gears to human anatomy and kinetics and found massage therapy to be an easy fit.


Rob Hicks

Rob grew up in Eastern Pennsylvania before going to college at Penn State, joining the USCG reserves, and then spending 8 years in Pittsburgh working as a polysomnographer while mountain biking and skiing on the side. While in Pennsylvania he completed his massage therapy certificate in 2011 and did massage as a part time job.


Austin Tepsic

LB Wilkinson

grey evans