Vincent Bounds

Vincent also came to massage therapy as a second career. While working for Sprint in 2007, he enrolled in the American and European Massage Clinic in Raleigh, North Carolina and began practicing massage therapy part­time in March 2008 in Creedmoor. After a few competitions and realizing the demand for sports massage for CrossFit athletes, he left his life in the technology world to focus all his efforts on sports massage and developing a successful business with Stacey Meek.

Today, Vincent is a Licensed Massage Therapist, certified in RockTape’s Functional Movement Techniques I & II, USAW Sport Performance Coach, co­founder of WODbody Sports Massage, LLC and WODbody Sports Massage Franchise, LLC. In addition to seeing clients in more locations than he can count and providing services at competitions, he also maintains the company’s website, social media pages, marketing and branding.

When Vincent isn’t seeing clients, he’s spending time with his wife, Kristen and their 2 dogs in Creedmoor. He enjoys an active outdoor life, mud runs and WODing with his friends.


Rob hicks

Rob grew up in Eastern Pennsylvania before going to college at Penn State, joining the USCG reserves, and then spending 8 years in Pittsburgh working as a polysomnographer while mountain biking and skiing on the side. While in Pennsylvania he completed his massage therapy certificate in 2011 and did massage as a part time job.

In 2013 Rob moved to North Carolina simply to try some new scenery but quickly loved the area. He also decided to take the chance of making massage his full time career. Rob has always enjoyed being physically active after shedding some childhood weight and found enjoyment in helping others with their fitness, pain, and health goals through massage. He met Vincent and Stacey at a state massage conference in 2014 which sealed the deal with following the path of sports massage.

In that time Rob has worked primarily with runners, swimmers, cyclists, post­surgery patients, pain management clients, and now the CrossFit community since joining WODbody in February 2016. He holds a certificate in medical massage and has studied cupping and IASTM techniques to add to his treatments as needed.

In his free time Rob likes to struggle through CrossFit workouts, find new hiking trails with his dog, and explore the beaches, mountains, and new NC places with his wife, Jess.


Stacey came to massage therapy as a second career after spending 17 years as a registered veterinary technician, during which she worked in private practice, laboratories, and top­ranked teaching institutions. In an effort to regain control of her schedule and spend more time with her
2 children, she switched gears to human anatomy and kinetics and found massage therapy to be an easy fit.

In December 2011, Stacey started the massage therapy program at the American and European Massage Clinic in Raleigh, North Carolina and graduated in June 2012. Upon graduating, she operated a part­time practice sharing space in Wake Forest and later moved into her own office in Wendell in May of 2013. Having been an athlete her entire life, Stacey
soon discovered the need for massage therapists who were knowledgeable about specific sports. She started focusing her continuing education and practice on athletes, particularly CrossFit and weightlifters. In June 2013, Stacey worked with the NC chapter of the AMTA to provide sports massage for the Raleigh 70.3 Ironman where she met Vincent Bounds. Since
then, she has been able to work with some of the top CrossFit athletes in the Triangle and in our region, professional baseball players, US team rugby players, Strongman/woman athletes, professional hockey players, collegiate athletes of all genres, and weekend warriors. In May 2014, Stacey and Vincent co­founded WODbody Sports Massage, LLC, and the rest, as they
say, is history.

Today, Stacey is a Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified KinesioTape Practitioner, USAW Sport Performance Coach and co­founder of WODbody Sports Massage, LLC and WODbody Sports Massage Franchise, LLC. In addition to seeing clients at 2 office locations and providing
services at competitions on the weekends, she also oversees the legal, accounting, training, and personnel components of the businesses. Coming from a science background, Stacey loves research and case studies and has been published in the Massage Therapy Journal. She is looking forward to getting more articles and case studies published and hopes to begin
teaching continuing education classes for other like­minded massage therapists in the future.

In Stacey’s spare time, she can be found on her 18­acre farm with her 2 children, Sean and Nevaeh, and husband, Barry. She enjoys all things outdoors whether it’s boating, hiking, target practice, working out, or just reading a book on the front porch. They have 2 dogs, 2 barn cats, dairy goats, dairy cows, laying hens, honey bees, a sizable garden, and orchard. Odds are, if she’s not in the office or with an athlete, you can find her in the barn!